World Show Sponsorship Committee

Want to be more involved with Western Dressage? Please consider joining our team!

Western Dressage World Show Competition Sponsorship Committee – Sponsorship dollars go toward the WDAA educational goal of providing the best western dressage video education platform available for enthusiasts around the world. All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible.

Team members will solicit partnerships for Class, Breed Alliance, and Division Sponsorship.

World Champion

  • Individual Breed High Score Award $100
  • Individual Class Sponsor $100

World Champion

  • Division Award Sponsor $250
  • Musical Freestyle $250

World Show Hospitality Opportunities

  • Welcome Party Sponsor $250
  • Friday Social $250
  • Farewell Reception $250
  • Silent Auction Item $50+


  1. Contacting business, WDAA members and other avenues for sponsorship via phone calls, email and di-rect mail.
  2. Monthly Conference Call meetings
  3. Marketing Material will be provided by WDAA Marketing Committee
  4. Contact lists are available but are continually being updated with information for sponsors in your local area
  5. Follow Up with Thank you notes to all sponsors
  6. This is a volunteer position and your efforts are greatly appreciated by WDAA.

Contact for more information

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