Western Dressage Test & Class Submission Form

This Western Dressage Test & Class Submission Form and associated fees ($10 per test or class) must be received for points to be applied for your horse. Points can be earned only from WDAA recognized shows. The horse must have a WDAA Lifetime Identification Number and the rider and owner must both be WDAA members in good standing at the time of the form’s submission.

  • No points can be earned for tests scored less than 60% (do not submit tests that are below 60%).
  • No points can be earned for rail class placement in last place or for classes having 2 or fewer competitors (do not submit results for classes that do not meet the criteria to earn points). Refer to Points Overview document for details.

Please submit your scores or class results within 30 days after the show date. The form covers only one horse and rider combination for each recognized show. Additional horse and rider combinations must be submitted through a separate online form.

If you prefer to “pay by check”, you may complete the online form or you may print out this Test & Class Submission Document and mail it in with your payment check. We strongly recommend using online forms. Scores submitted by mail may be delayed several days to appear in the horse’s record.

NOTE: A copy of each test or class result must be submitted, showing the test score or class placement with judge’s signature, show name, date, and location along with your horse information. If possible, scan the document(s) and save them on your computer as a PDF or JPG file or make copies and send them by mail to the address provided on the form. If you are submitting scanned copies, feel free to combine all copies into one upload or zip file.