Western Dressage Enthusiasts in California!

Hello Western Dressage Enthusiasts!

Karen Young, Joni Emrich, Vivian Mevorah & Katy Personius

This was the second of a five-show series that Pacific Equestrian Center (PEC) held for this season through October 2014. All of their schooling shows will offer both western and English dressage classes. PEC, along with Camelot Equestrian Park and the Foothills Chapter of CDS, will host schooling shows that have registered with the California Western Dressage Association® (CAWDA) to have their shows count toward riders signing up for their high point awards for the year in each level of competition. You can go to each organization’s website to get their showing schedule. You can also visit the CAWDA website (www.cawda.org)  to find out all of the rules and requirements so that you can compete for the high point awards this year.

The schooling show held classes for English Dressage, the dressage tests for eventers, and western dressage. It was a full day, and the weather turned out to be wonderful, even though it rained slightly the night before. The show that was held the previous month had two western riders, and this show had four western riders, so we’re hoping to double our entries at each consecutive show!

The shows scheduled for western dressage in our area are:

  • PEC: August 10th, September 14th, October 12th
  • Camelot Equestrian Park:  June 1st, September 7th, October 11th (their shows are also registered with the CWDA for their awards program.
  • Mar Val: May 3rd, June 7th, September 13th, October 26th (their shows are not registered with the CAWDA for their awards program at this time. We’re trying to get them signed up.)

Please support the shows that are helping to make Western Dressage the fast-growing sport that it is becoming – and hope to see you out there!

Courtesy of Vivian Mevorah, Manager – Ace High Western Dressage

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