WDAA Offers Group Apprentice Judging Opportunity

USEF-logoUSEF WD and Western Dressage Association of America offering a Group Apprentice Judging program at the 2015 WDAA World Championship show on November 6, 7 and 8 2015.  Janet (Dolly) Hannon will be the judge directing this program; she will be assisted by Joyce Swanson and Karen Homer Brown who are clinicians for the WDAA Judges Seminar.

The program will include:

  • Classroom instruction and sideline judging.
  • Extensive opportunity to judge and to scribe.
  • Use of proper terminology; the apprentice group will learn how to work with scribes and develop remarks that are easily written by the scribe.
  • An introduction to construction of understandable and helpful learning comments for exhibitors.
  • An opportunity for hands on practice judging for the collective classes (Suitability, Hack and Equitation on the Rail).
  • Practice in completing test score sheets which will be reviewed by the judge directing the program.
  • Observation of gaited horses to learn consistency of gaits related to Western Dressage.

The judge/instructor will submit Apprentice Judge Evaluation Forms for each Applicant to USEF.

WDAA is delighted to offer this unique opportunity for USEF Western Dressage Judge’s card applicants.  The variety of breeds, the spectrum of tests and the high level of horses and riders provide an ideal opportunity for learning and practicing judging skills.

The cost will be $250 payable to the WDAA. Additional late fees apply after November 1, 2015.

Participants are encouraged to stay at the WDAA Annual Convention and World Show host hotel, Hyatt Regency Tulsa. Please secure your hotel room by October 11, 2015. Hotel Reservations can be made online via http://www.wdaaworldshow.org/annual-convention/.

For more information on the Group Apprentice Judging please visit the WDAA World Show website at http://www.wdaaworldshow.org/group-apprentice-judging-registration-form/ or contact WDAA Education Chair, Karen Homer Brown via karenhomerbrown@westerndressageassociation.org.

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