WDAA Lifetime Enrollment Form

The WDAA Lifetime Points & Awards Program honors the horse by recognizing accomplishments at WDAA recognized western dressage competitions of all types, including schooling shows and those licensed by USEF. For a horse to be eligible for WDAA Horse Lifetime Awards, it must be enrolled in the program and have a WDAA Lifetime Recorded Number assigned. To enroll your horse, please complete the following form and submit a fee of $100. Additional fees for participating in the program are listed here. The WDAA Lifetime Recorded Number is valid for the horse’s entire Western Dressage career and is transferable with proof of sale if the horse is ever sold.  A Recorded Number certificate will be sent by email within 10-15 business days when your enrollment form is processed.

As you and your horse compete at WDAA recognized shows and earn points, you can track the points earned at each show and find out when your horse has accumulated enough points to earn an award level.

Please read the program rules and guidelines before enrolling your horse (there is a disclaimer on the form for this): https://westerndressageassociation.org/wdaa-horse-lifetime-points-awards-program-whlpap-rules/

If you prefer to “pay by check”, you may complete this online form and select to pay by check. You may also print out this Lifetime Enrollment Document and mail it in with your payment check. Be aware that printed forms delay notification of enrollment.

Note: The horse’s owner and rider must be WDAA members in good standing. The following form and fee needs to be received prior to the first competition date where the horse may attain points in order to allow time for processing.