WDAA Announces New Breed Alliance Partnerships

AHA_Web-smallThe Western Dressage Association® of America (WDAA) is proud to announce Breed Alliance Partnerships with the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) and United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF).  Whether Western Dressage is the ultimate discipline of choice or a training tool on the road to other western riding pursuits, the WDAA is excited for the educational and competitive opportunities which will exist for members of these associations to explore additional chances to learn, grow and train to the maximum benefit of the horse and rider partnership.

Western Dressage Association® of America Alliance Partners are made up of breed and discipline organizations for the purpose of sharing educational opportunities and furthering the growth and pursuit of Western Dressage for riders and horses from all backgrounds.  Alliance Partnerships work to educate equestrians to the value of using Dressage principles and progression in the development and utilization of the working Western horse.  These Alliances share vital information and can offer unique funding and educational opportunities in conjunction with the WDAA 501(c)(3) nonprofit mission.  Alliance partnerships often culminate with Western Dressage classes in breed shows giving riders an opportunity to showcase their relationship with their horse, while receiving feedback and in the near future competing for awards, points and recognition. USLipizzanFed

To find out more about the Alliance Partner program, please visit our Alliances Webpage!

About the Arabian Horse Association: The Arabian Horse Association was founded in 1908 with a focus on ensuring the integrity and perpetuation of the breed.  As the official breed association and registry in the United States, the AHA is the focal center for owners and enthusiasts alike.  The AHA offers competitions, activities, a marketplace and education to its members.  Its attention to the needs of both recreational and competitive riders ensures a continued celebration of the versatility and magnificence of the breed.  To discover more about the AHA and Arabian Horse, please visit their website: http://www.arabianhorses.org

About the United States Lipizzan Federation: The United States Lipizzan Federation offers programs and resources to preserve the heritage of the Lipizzan breed, celebrate its historical importance and showcase the accomplishments of these talented equines.  The USLF brings Lipizzan owners together in a connected community providing education on breed standards, breeding practices and events and promotes the trainability, athleticism and versatility of the Lipizzan.  For more about the USLF and its celebration of the Lipizzan breed, visit the website at: http://www.uslipizzan.org/


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