Vermont is coming along with WDAA

Western Dressage of VermontAs Founder and President of the WDVT I am really excited about our growth as a club. I want to thank our officers and members for helping to “spread the word”… it is a lot of hard work and it is greatly appreciated as it takes a lot of people to put it all together The club is starting to take on a life of it’s own with new people and new ideas. We have seen tremendous growth over the last several years at the shows. The group is working hard to make western dressage in Vermont a success.

The meeting on Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 of the Western Dressage of Vermont club went very well. All officers were present and we really accomplished a lot! We voted to continue our path of affiliation with the Western Dressage Association® of America. WDVT will support the rules, judges guidelines and tests for WDAA to be used at the CDSS and any other shows that are interested. Even though there are only tests through second level at this time we know that more tests are being worked on to be published in the near future. In the works for WDVT are several means of promoting Western Dressage in Vermont, many good idea’s are in place and being worked on. This club, like western dressage, is in it’s formative years and we welcome new members and new idea’s.

Several of us are planning to attend the CDSS meeting . New Horizons Farm llc would like to continue sponsorship of year end awards for western dressage. WDVT is also working on putting together year end awards.

The first of several clinics with Cliff Swanson May 25 – 27 2013 at New Horizons Farm in Essex. Cliff was one of the instructors for the WDAA Train The Trainers I earned my certificate at this past Oct in Co. He is on the Advisory board for WDAA. Cliff is a great instructor and ride or audit it will be very educational. Openings are limited for riders, so if interested get in touch with me soon. This is an open clinic, you do not need to be a member, just have an interest

Western Dressage of Vermont membership is free at this time, we would like to encourage everyone to sign up. I will post more on this later, but in the mean time if you would like to get signed up send an email with name and contact info and I will pass it on to Tonya Guare who have volunteered to handle memberships. ( ) or facebook contact.

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  • Yah! I am so excited that my home state is developing a WDAA affiliate. Keep up the great work. This is just one more wonderful thing about Vermont for me to brag about. Ha!