USEF 2016 Youth Sportsmanship Award for Western Dressage Youth

Attention Western Dressage youth riders!

To be considered for as the candidate for the USEF Youth Sportsmanship Award by the WDAA, you will need to send us your application by September 15, 2016. This award is designed to recognize the achievements of Youth riders who also demonstrate dedication to and leadership in equine organization(s).  Youth riders who are active members in good standing of both the USEF and Western Dressage Association® of America are welcome to apply.

Candidates must be under the age of 17 as of December 1 in this competition year.  They must demonstrate good sportsmanship principles and should be viewed as a role model to their peers.  They must have an established history of commitment and dedication to the promotion of equestrian sport.  Candidates must have a background in community service and/or events.  They must have participated in any level of equine competition, including local, regional and national events.

Please send applications to the following email address:

For more information, application and guidelines regarding the USEF Youth Sportsmanship Award please visit the USEF website at:

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