Troxel Supports Riders4Helmets in 3rd Annual International Helmet Awareness Day

Photo Courtesy of Riders4Helmets

San Diego, CA – June 5, 2013Troxel LLC, the worldwide leader in ASTM/SEI-certified equestrian helmets, is delighted to announce their continued support and participation in the 3rd annual Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day, to be held on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013.

“Troxel is proud to once again partner with Riders4Helmets in its efforts to increase awareness about helmet safety and education for International Helmet Awareness Day”, said Shay Timms, CEO of Troxel.

International Helmet Awareness Day offers equestrians the opportunity to purchase a helmet at a special one-time discounted rate and more importantly, is an opportunity for riders to be educated about helmet safety. Equestrians will be able to ask a variety of experts real-time questions during the event through live streaming “Get Educated” webinars via The confirmed line-up of participants will be announced at prior to June 22nd.

“Troxel has seen a significant shift in helmet use and awareness among western riders, especially younger riders,” said Timms. Troxel’s new Rebel western riding helmet sold out faster than any other western helmet introduction. “Troxel’s development of stylish helmets with a western vibe has resonated with the traditional western riders.”

Troxel’s product ambassador, 14 year-old barrel racing champion Megan Sparks, exclusively shared her experiences of wearing a helmet in a cowboy hat world: “Cowboy hats have always been the tradition and there are still so many people wearing hats nowadays. So everyone gets the impression that if you’re wearing a helmet, you are a bad rider, and fall off a lot. This is not true. Those people are uneducated as to why you should wear a helmet. I don’t see this changing for older generations, but for the younger generation, yes,” said Megan Sparks. To read more from Megan’s interview, visit Troxel’s blog (

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About Troxel: Troxel is the world’s leading provider of ASTM / SEI certified equestrian helmets for competitive, schooling and recreational riding.  Established in 1898, Troxel is recognized for its innovative design and research leadership in helmetry.  Based in San Diego, California, Troxel now dedicates all its resources to equestrian helmets and related accessories, and has provided over three million helmets to the equestrian market.


About Riders4Helmets: Riders4Helmets was founded in early 2010 after Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye was seriously injured in a riding accident. King Dye, who remained in a coma for a month following her accident, was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, and is still undergoing rehabilitation.

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