Success at the Pinto World Championship Western Dressage Division

How exciting to be a spectator at the inaugural year of the Pinto World Championship
Western Dressage rides.

Everyone is so excited!  Exhibitors, spectators, sponsors, vendors, staff…. the horses are excited too, great expression, good ears!

Live Video Stream Link for the PWC – Click Here!

Last count was approximately 66 total rides.  The classical dressage division had 67 rides.  Plans are underway for Western Dressage to be at the Color Breed Congress in November with the possibility of having an all breed World Championship for Western Dressage. 

Cliff Swanson with “Tuffy”

They had approximately 200-300 people in attendance for Cliff Swanson’s clinic and 500 on the Internet.  Monday’s attendance online was 2900 watching the classical dressage and on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 they had 5000 online viewers for  Western Dressage!

Both Gerald Milburn, 8-time PtHA President & Chairman of the Past Presidents Committee, as well as, Darrell Bilke, PtHA CEO & Show Manager of PWC, were more than pleased with Cliff Swanson’s Western Dressage Clinics and the Western Dressage class participation.  Gil Merrick, now COO of, was also in attendance and sees a bright future for the triad of PtHA, WDAA & partnerships.


My husband, Guy Brown, is grinning from ear to ear saying … “These are definitely exciting times for WDAA.”


Written by  Karen Homer-Brown, WDAA Executive Board Member
June 13, 2012 | Copyright © WDAA

Live Video Stream Link for the PWC – Click Here!

More photos & videos will be posted as soon as they are released by PWC. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back again soon!

3 Responses to “Success at the Pinto World Championship Western Dressage Division

  • Congratulations to WDAA and Ciff Swanson! I heard that after Cliff’s clinic that the WD class significantly increased. Way to go 🙂

  • Peggy Riley
    6 years ago

    That is great Paula! Thanks for your update. I was wondering how you and your horse did.
    Do have video of any of your tests?

    Did anyone else here go?

  • paula walker
    6 years ago

    Well the 2012 Pinto World show is history. And history it made. 67 entries in both Western Dressage as well as traditional dressage and this was just the first year for Western!!! Darrell Bilke came up to me at the Western Dressage of Oklahoma booth pleased as punch!!! His goal was to try for as many entries as the Morgan Nationals and as far as he was concerned 67 was close enough.

    Had some really , really nice rides and some not so good rides. There were 23 in my class, Amateur, Basic 1. I ended up with a 59% which would have been better had I not posted in a few strides, so that was a two point error right off and then for some reason,my little mare took two steps backwards after her halt, salute, so that was another probably two points again. But over all she gave me what she had and I was pleased. The night before she had literally looked UP at the jumbotron over head and started to think it might get her but I managed to put that fire out right away. We had to pay 10$ for a 10 minute warm up the night before in the dressage arena with one other rider. That is a money making deal!!! We were also stalled as far away from the Pavilion that we showed in, so there was lots of walking involved, which my body paid for the next day at home!!!

    All in all, wouldn’t trade it for the world. Met lots of new friends, had a very successful first Western Dressage debut, had 10-12 new people sign our e mail list at our booth, and got to get out and compete with some veteran amateur show people. Just wait till next year when we can post and have to wear a snaffle at the lower levels!!! We’ll do better then!! Go PInto World!!!

    Nest show will be the Color Congress in November and Darrell Bilke wants to hold Western Dressage at it as well. So I think for Oklahoma anyway, we are up and running successfully!!!