Safety First

The WDAA World Championship show is partnering with USEF to be proactive for Equine Health and Safety. In 2010, an equine competition in Utah had one or more horses on the grounds who had the Equine Herpes Virus. The repercussions of this extended across the country and a number of horses became sick and some died. Horse competitions around the country and horses from around the country were endangered.

The WDAA World Championship show and USEF, our partners in equine welfare, are committed to ensure that our celebration of Western Dressage is safe for every horse.

Our show management team, headed by Stacia Wert-Gray, is in contact with the head Oklahoma State Veterinarian to create a proactive plan to respond to any disease outbreak. This includes isolation of any affected horse at a veterinary facility as well as isolation for a stall occupied by an affected horse.

USEF is our partner in this; they are committed to keeping our horses safe and well at competitions. In 2010, the infectious agent that created a crisis was the Equine Herpes Virus. As a response this, USEF now requires that any horse that comes on the grounds of a USEF show be vaccinated for this virus. You can read about this at:

For a USEF report form go to:

Our goal is for every horse and every competitor have a wonderful show!

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