Queensland – Dressage 2B Shore

Name: Linda Shore
Address: 12 Reg Lipp Road – East Greenmount Queensland 4359
Email Address: riverange@activ8.net.au
Business Phone:
Mobile Phone: (041) 779-7815

Website: http://www.riverrange.com.au/D2BS%20Home%20Page.html

Professional Service: Clinician

Short Biography

Dressage 2B Shore is the training business for leading Australian western dressage trainer Linda Shore. Linda has experience training and competing to Grand Prix dressage level and has been promoting, competing and coaching western dressage in Australia for the past 4 years including presenting at Equitana 2016 and 2013.

Description of Services:

Horses taken for training. Clinics conducted Australia wide and expanding to internationally in 2017.
Private lessons and inhouse clinics conducted on our property in Qld.
Training based on classical dressage principles using Linda’s understanding of correct horse and rider biomechanics to ensure the health and soundness of the horse.



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