Put Georgia on YOUR Mind!

The WDA of Georgia wants to be on the minds of anyone across the SE looking to do Western Dressage. They recently held their First Annual Awards Banquet and Membership meeting and awarded their first set of High Point awards to 5 deserving horses and riders. More importantly, they unveiled an impressive list of 24 (yes, 24!) schooling and WDAA recognized shows in GA for 2017 including a revised High Point Program and a NEW “Rookie of the Year” award for Amateurs and Youth riders. They want to encourage more people into the show ring this year and this is a great way to do it! Their officers have worked tirelessly to partner with existing shows in the state to add Western Dressage classes so they can increase the exposure of Western Dressage to as many people as possible. Only 3 of their shows in 2017 are exclusively Western Dressage. President Kim Stayton said, “We feel strongly that getting involved with other existing shows allows people exposure to our wonderful sport and encourages them to try it out”. In fact, this affiliate has grown their membership 17% in 2016 over 2015 and hopes for even more this year. So, if you live in the SE, check out WDA of GA and see if YOU wind up with Georgia on your mind too!

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