New Lameness DVD by Dr. Robert Miller DVM Released


Video Velocity has announced a new DVD release, “Lameness and Its Cause and Prevention“, by Western Dressage Association® of America Advisory Board member Dr. Robert Miller DVM. In this 93 minute production, Miller discusses 11 major causes of lameness in horses — age, nutrition, lack of exercise, injury from unsafe environments, inappropriate footing, improper hoof care, laminitis and too much work at too young of age, among others. Miller and Dr. Shane Miller DVM show how he determines the location of lameness and innovative ways of teaching it. The production also includes chapters on natural hoof trimming and conformation.

Your horse represents a significant investment in time and money. This 90 minute video can prevent thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and premature retirement for your animal. Essential for every horse owner!

      “In my decades of practice as an equine veterinarian, lameness was a problem I dealt with daily.”

– Robert M. Miller, DVM

Miller, a veterinarian since 1956, is best known for his work on imprint training.








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