New Educational Videos & Online Clinic for Western Dressage!

The Western Dressage Association® of America (WDAA) and have partnered in unveiling two new programs for the benefit of riders; Western Dressage online clinics and reference videos of the Western Dressage tests.  The WDAA is excited for these offerings which give equestrians more opportunities to explore Western Dressage in an encouraging manner, consistent with the WDAA educational mission.

arena-diamond-exerciseThe Western Dressage online clinics are available via  These clinics give riders a fantastic opportunity to upload and submit a video of any Western Dressage test ridden at home or at a live show. For the inaugural clinic, acclaimed Western Dressage clinician, Jec Ballou will add her comments to videos, provide coaching feedback and suggest training exercises for improvement. Clinics are open to riders of all ages and ability as well as horses of all breeds and types.

Additionally to assist riders, trainers and judges, the WDAA and have compiled video of various riders and horses working through each of the sixteen (16) Western Dressage Association Tests from Introductory Level through Level 2. These videos were filmed to show how the tests are ridden and the flow from one movement to the next. In mid-June, these videos will be available on the Western Dressage Association of America website soon, in the meantime you can access the videos at Western Dressage Library page:

The WDAA celebrates the journey a horse and rider travel in their progressive physical and mental growth. Together the WDAA and continue to develop offerings for the educational benefit of the Western Dressage horse and rider supporting them on their journey.

About offers affordable, on-line alternatives for education and competitive equestrian opportunities.  Through riders can directly access expert trainers and judges representing a variety of breeds and disciplines attaining quality feedback, coaching and development exercises.  Online shows create a safe, comfortable and affordable environment to explore showing while benefiting from scorecards and comments.  Affiliate partnerships, an equestrian community and educational library support learning and spark enthusiasm.  To browse the offerings and create your profile please visit:


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