A letter from your Past WDAA President Ellen DiBella

I invite every member of WDAA to join me in welcoming Cindy Butler as the new president of WDAA. Each November, the board elects board members for three-year terms and also elects officers. We have a wonderful slate of officers who will guide our Journey for this next year.

Cindy is uniquely qualified to serve as president of WDAA with her extensive background in the equine world and her dedication to Western Dressage. Cindy has provided outstanding leadership to the USEF Western Dressage Committee; her willingness to put time and effort into finding just the right words for our rules has amazed me. Anyone who has seen Cindy in action at our Annual Meeting going over the Western Dressage rule proposals will agree.

Cindy holds many judging cards, one of which is in Western Dressage. She is very active as a judge and her busy judging schedule takes her all over the country and puts her in touch with a wide variety of organizers, competitors and other judges. Cindy gave an outstanding seminar for scribes as our 2017 Group Apprentice Judging Program and filled in as a judge when one of our judges became ill. When anyone needed help, Cindy was there with a helping hand and a smile.

I have enjoyed serving as your president and thank you for your generous support. What a wonderful Journey and what great company you all are!

The complete slate of officers voted in at the meeting include the following:

President: Cindy Butler
Vice-President: Lisa Blackstone
Treasurer: Sharron Sarchet
Secretary: Thallia Blight

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