Improve Your Partnership with your Horse… The Doctor Is In!

Meet Dr. James Warson

Dr. James S. Warson for WDAADr. James Warson brings outstanding professional credentials as a physician to his new blog but his love for his horses gives him a special understanding of the horse and rider bond.  The years that he wears so well give him a personal insight into the physical challenges that face mature riders.  He knows firsthand the aches and pains that can take some of the joy out of riding.

I [Ellen DiBella] went to lunch with Dr. Jim and two other riders not too long ago.  Lunch was good and the conversation was great.  In two hours, Dr. Jim gave me two pointers on better ways to compensate for problems that have resulted from a broken ankle; he helped another rider to cope with the challenge of two knee replacements; and he diagnosed a problem that our waitress had with her arm!

When you meet Dr. Jim, you are immediately engaged by his vibrant personality; when he listens to you, you see his amazing focus and his caring.  Seeing Dr. Jim and his wonderful “forever horse”, Trigger, you see how important his time in the saddle is to him and to his horse.  He is part Comanche and started riding as a small child; the traditions of horsemanship that these experiences taught him persist in his outlook on horses and life.

We invite you to send your questions about your health issues that hinder your ability to ride horses or to develop the partnership you truly want with your horse!

The Doctor is in…
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Dr. Warson will select from the questions received and post his medical advice and suggestions in the WDAA Social Corral. To take part in this wonderful opportunity, become a member of the WDAA to interact with Dr. James Warson today and improve your health and well-being to develop a better partnership with your horse and your Western Dressage journey!

Ride well and be well!


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