& WDAA Unveil Exclusive Western Dressage Test Video Library

renew-now-image1Innovative online equestrian competition, clinic, and coaching website and the Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) announce the launch of an all-new video series featuring all 16 WDAA dressage tests.  These videos feature “live” horses and riders demonstrating each test in its entirety (including all patterns for the Introductory Level, Basic Level, Level 1, and Level 2) and provide an invaluable learning experience for riders interested in this exciting new discipline.

WDAA Board member Karen Homer-Brown explained why this joint video project is so valuable for members of WDAA, the newest affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

“When just reading a test, the rider (especially those new to Western Dressage) does not always understand the tests and directives in writing,” Homer-Brown said.  “People tend to learn best when they read it and see it, so a high quality video can provide that extra visual understanding of what the tests require.  The rider can not only see the movements and understand the flow of the test, but they also see the test from the vantage point of a judge so they will understand what the officials are looking for.”

These high quality test videos will not only serve as a valuable resource for equestrians interested in trying western dressage for themselves, but will also form the basis for the WDAA Western Dressage educational library.

“This test footage along with other video will be used in a variety of education materials for riders, trainers, and judges, and will enable a number of stakeholders in the sport to provide feedback to WDAA and help guide the development of this wonderful new discipline,” noted Homer Brown.  “The continuing partnership between WDAA and provides educational resources that will not only benefit Western Dressage, but the entire equine industry.”

To learn more and view the Western Dressage test video library, visit

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2 Responses to “ & WDAA Unveil Exclusive Western Dressage Test Video Library

  • Judy Gibney
    6 years ago

    I will be hosting a free clinic the first week-end in October – admission will be a donation to a local horse rescue. The purpose is to educate folks on what WD really is
    demonstrate the differences in Classical Dressage, Western Dressage and the gait structure which is different from Western Pleasure. Will these instructional materials be available to the instructors who have completed the TTT class last October. I already have some info on Classical and WP but am lacking in the visuals of the WD. Sincerely Judy Gibney atCCounty Line Equestrian Center

    • DMD-Admin
      6 years ago

      Hi Judy, These educational videos are already posted online and available to all who visit the website. Just click the link in the post to visit the video gallery on They will be developed for the WDAA website soon as will new videos for various other educational offerings come up in the future.