Georgia becomes next WDAA State Affiliate!

The journey began in April of 2012.

Suzanne-Therrien I  had  been on the computer watching YouTube horse videos which included a western dressage video. I then searched for Western Dressage on Google  and the WDAA came up. I reviewed the website and became really interested. I asked my daughter & friends about it. Some had heard about it and were interested as well.

My daughter April, thought it was a discipline that is becoming very popular. I had noticed that Georgia was not a State Affiliate yet. I posted to Facebook if anyone was interested in helping me organize an affiliate and I got a reply from Cheryl Pritchard. Then we started making phone calls and found Monique Smith who I knew through 4H, other clubs as well as shows was interested in helping us too.

We continued to talk, had a meeting and Officers were formed. I started emailing the WDAA and received  an answer from Deirdre Davenport and Bob Harb. Bob Harb was just starting as chair advisor for WDAA himself. He helped me with a lot of my questions about getting the Federal Tax ID, filing as a business with Secretary of State and other items related to the formation of the Georgia Affiliate. Between working full time as a RN, dealing with vacations of Bob, Deirdre & even myself… It became the Autumn before I knew it. Our newly created Bylaws were signed and sent off however Insurance was the next hurdle. Our Directors & Officers insurance, a requirement of WDAA, was approved by Markel Insurance & Liability insurance through Mary Phelps. Tracey Scharf, her secretary was a great help.  After emailing Bob Harb that I had secured insurance, he informed me he was submitting everything to WDAA for approval.

On January 10, 2013 I received an email & phone call from Guy Brown, President of the WDAA and also an email from Deirdre Davenport – Congratulating us on our Affiliation. Thank you, it meant a lot!

Georgia-Clinic-Cheryl-PritchardJust to let you know, I had been suffering with the Flu for 4 days at this time; this news was not just the highlight of my day… I think it made me really start feeling better! April, Monique and Cheryl & I all talked on the phone about how excited we were to have finished this part of the process and to actually be Official now. To be WDA of Georgia is just the start for us!

We had a clinic on January 19th – Cheryl Pritchard was the clinician and it was a success! Our first official WDA of GA meeting with members & anyone interested in Western Dressage is planned for February 24th, 2013. We have another clinic in the works for March 2,  2013.

As a horse enthusiast and rider, I believe Western Dressage is about the camaraderie with your horse, being balanced and enjoying the ride!

It truly is about the Journey! Georgia is happy to be part of Western Dressage Association® of America!

Thank you!

Suzanne Therrien
President of Western Dressage Association of Georgia ( WDAGA )

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