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Equisure Personal Liability Coverage

Equisure offers Excess Personal Liability Coverage to all WDAA members.
This is for a $1,000,000 Excess Personal Liability policy. Coverage is for claims brought against members of WDAA arising from the use and /or ownership of a horse and for any horse related accidents involving bodily injury and property damage. Coverage will apply when engaged in any horse related activity and coverage is in excess of any existing valid and collectable insurance. There is no deductible. The coverage ends at the same time WDAA membership ends, Dec 31st. This insurance is not prorated and is non-refundable.

Please see the FAQ page for more information.

Official Sponsor of Western Dressage Association of AmericaPersonal Excess Liability Members only benefit

Coverage: Personal Excess Liability

Coverage begins, upon date of initial payment to December 31, 2018

Territory: Anywhere in the world

Policy Limit

Each Occurrence $1,000,000

Aggregate Limit $1,000,000

Total Premium $24.00 per individual

$48.00 per family

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