Colorado Becomes First WDAA Affiliate

Colorado Becomes First Affiliate of the Western Dressage Association™ of America!

It’s no easy task to be the trail blazers for a growing organization, but the hard working people of the Western Dressage Association™ of Colorado have completed the challenge. WDAA welcomes them as our very first affiliate organization. They have been working on a new website which will make its debut on May 1st. We wish to thank them for all the effort they have put into the WDAA mission which is to honor the horse and value the partnership between horse and rider. Welcome to the Western Dressage Association­™ of Colorado!

Special mention for the work done by the Western Dressage Association of Colorado goes to:

  • Mary Gunn, President
  • Nancy Miller, VP and Clinic Coordinator
  • Maribeth Scaggs, Secretary
  • Sandy Clayton, Treasurer
  • Susie Fay
  • Robin Shipman
  • Barbara Hagen

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