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logoName: Kaili Graf
Address: 2797 E. Pleasant Valley Rd – Oxnard California 93033
Email Address:
Business Phone: (805) 350-0511
Mobile Phone: (805) 350-0511


Professional Service: TTT Graduate, Clinician, Instructor, Trainer

Short Biography

Western Dressage training, lessons, clinics & show opportunities. Enlightened Natural Horsemanship – clinics, starting horses, remedial work & problem-solving. Graduate of the WDAA Train the Trainers program & multiple certifications. Ventura County, CA (1-hr from Los Angeles).

Description of Services:

We provide Western Dressage training, lessons, clinics and show opportunities. We pride ourselves on an Enlightened Natural Horsemanship approach to create willing, happy and engaged equine partners.

Join us in 2016 for a series of clinics on Western Dressage and Equine Behavior – learn to understand your horse, create a seamless partnership and enjoy the world of Western Dressage!

We believe that horse training shouldn’t be about tricks, gimmicks or marketing ploys; but rather a gradual process of education and learning for both horse and rider. It’s about a silent, respectful, succinct dialogue between horse and human – and never about force, coercion or violence. Speak Equine represents a new breed of horseperson; one that respects the horse for being a horse, seeks to grow in both understanding and in skill, and understands that it’s just as much about the Journey as it is the final outcome.

We welcome you to join our many happy clients and their happy horses – see our website for testimonials, training information and to learn about opportunities to join Team Speak in 2016!



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