Become a WDAA Volunteer!

WDAA Needs Your Help!

  • If you are interested in volunteering to help with either a specific event or project or taking on an ongoing volunteer “job”, let us know.
  • As an embryonic non profit organization, the WDAA is understaffed and under-financed.
  • Volunteer jobs will be posted on the WDAA website under the “Get Involved” button.
  • The only requirement is that you must be a member of the WDAA to cover any liability issues.

Here is where we need your help:

Bloggers and Online Content  – We need assistance in the development of content for the WDAA website in the form of blog articles, human interest stories and educational pieces. These will be published on the website as well various other online resources such as Horse, USEF, and more. We have several areas that are of interest for this:

  • Grass Roots Experience – A chance for members to share a story (or series) on their Western Dressage Journey. Content here could include how a member developed interest in the discipline, found their Western Dressage horse, selected a trainer, experienced a clinic, day to day riding, etc. This category features the chance to share personal stories, adventures, rides and the magic experienced in the Journey!
  • Our Horses, Our Heroes – Is the category for telling the WDAA all about your horse(s)! Members can share horse’s name (registered and/or nickname), the facts about them (breed, age, color), and any fun or special facts. This is the chance to honor the horse and the special qualities that endears them to their people! Sharing photos is encouraged!
  • Show Us Your Ride – In this category members can submit a video or photos from showing experiences. Whether it is a schooling show or a World Show the WDAA wants to celebrate member’s Western Dressage rides! Details about the rider, the horse, the show, the experience, etc. is welcome for inclusion as well.

Social Corral Monitor – a person who can on a daily basis (or as close to that as possible) monitor the WDAA Social Corral. Make sure Terms of Service is being followed and proper etiquette is being used. Also to aide in the answering of questions in the various group forums.

Administrative & Data Entry – Clerical type work that may include answering emails, data entry, conference call note taking, and various other simple tasks to assist the current WDAA Staff members. Could turn into a paid position for the right person.

If you can think of ways that you can help WDAA as a volunteer…

Please Contact Us and Thank you!!