WDAA Train The Trainers™- A Huge Success!

Professional equine trainers from all over the United States gathered together in Castle Rock, Colorado to attend the first WDAA Train the Trainers™ Clinic on October 23 and 24. The Clinic’s purpose was to educate professional trainers about Western Dressage.  Cliff Swanson and Frances Carbonnel, members of the WDAA Advisory Board shared their methods of training students. Classroom sessions and arena sessions with student riders were the forum for teaching the trainers how to teach Western Dressage.  New 2013 tests were demonstrated and judged by the trainers.

Coordinator of the Train the Trainer’s Clinic, Neide Cooley commented,

“I feel we have just begun the process of educating professionals about Western Dressage. Rules, Tests, Judges Guidelines were covered at length. We also had great training demonstrations with students riding a variety of horses. We are eager to learn from this clinic about how to meet the needs of the professionals.”

The professional trainers shared their own methods and experiences in training students. The amount of information exchanged was extensive and beneficial to all.

A highlight of the Clinic was a presentation by leaders of the Western Dressage Association® of Colorado, the first WDAA State Affiliate to be licensed by the WDAA, on “How to Conduct a Western Dressage Clinic”.


Stay tuned for the 2013 Train the Trainers™ Clinic schedule…

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  • CA – Cathy Huddleston
  • CA – Lauren Sands
  • CO – Eileen Claffy
  • CO – Sarah Fischer
  • CO – Kelly Hendricks
  • CO – Julie Lorton
  • CO – Beth Pelosa
  • FL – Patricia VanderWerf
  • GA – Jennifer Alvarez
  • GA – Shirley Singleton
  • MA – Christine Betourney
  • MT – Rox Rogers
  • NE – Emily Johnson
  • NM – Julia Abrams
  • NM – Erlene Seybold-Smythe
  • NY – Stasia Newell
  • NY – Jackie Ross
  • OK – Kelly Fisher
  • OR – Heather Barklow
  • OR – Kelly DeJong-Givens
  • PA – Janet Youse
  • TX – Judy Gibney
  • TX – Vicki Taylor
  • TX – Linda Tedesco
  • UT – Bonnie Amidan
  • VT – Rosemary Root
  • WA – Kimberly Barber
  • WA – Jillian Santi
  • WY – Sabine Kallas
  • WY – Liz Lowe





8 Responses to “WDAA Train The Trainers™- A Huge Success!

  • I am proud to be one of the truly committed WD trainers who attended the first TTT session. I have been teaching this discipline for a number of years and still find something new and challenging. I feel so fortunate to have been included and the classes will continue to be taught. A huge thank you to all who spend endless hours putting al this together. Many hugs to everyone.

    • DMD-Admin
      6 years ago

      Judy – it is people like you that make it so successful! We appreciate your support and how much passion you have to pursue the education that we offer! Thanks so much for the kind words and for helping us move our mission forward!

  • Susan Bright
    6 years ago

    When will the next TTT be taking place? Any chance on the east coast? I live in Ky and the Horse Park is a fabulous facility for clinics !

    • DMD-Admin
      6 years ago

      You could try emailing Neide@jcooleyinc.com for more information as to when the next one will be held. Did you subscribe to the TTT Email list?

  • It was a wonderfully stimulating and excinting experience to to have had the opportunity to present our ideas and ride for the extraordinary group that came to our first TTT Conference. Cliff and I are contimuing to work on the materials that you requested, including a Training Pyramid and Definition, and of course, the new 2013 tests. We hope these will all be Board approved and out to you very soon!

  • Deb Herbert
    6 years ago

    It would be nice to know what states these trainers represented!

    • DMD-Admin
      6 years ago

      You are right… great suggestion. We will get that information added as soon as we can. Thanks!

  • The Train the Trainer Clinic was such a wonderful experience and I feel blessed that I was able to participate with 30 other Trainers from across the U.S. Thank you WDAA!