WDAA Releases Horse Lifetime Performance & Award Program

The WDAA is proud to roll out its Horse Lifetime Performance & Award Program, which is designed to recognize the accomplishments of the horses’ progressive training as they travel up the levels on their journey. This is exciting news for those of us who are goal oriented in our training, and for all of us who wish to celebrate our horses’ level of achievements by the milestone awards that this program will provide.

As a WDAA member, you will be able to take part in this point-tracking system program that will provide your horse with a lifetime recording number. Every WDAA rail class or test that your horse competes in at a WDAA recognized shows, is eligible to gain points.

Competitions will be able to apply for WDAA Show Recognition status and receive approval by the WDAA, with an issued show identification number. The placings and percentages from tests and classes, will be converted to points, based on the WDAA point conversion chart. The points earned will stay with the horse throughout its lifetime, regardless of who the rider is or if there is a transfer of ownership in the future.

The Lifetime award program is approachable and realistic for everyone and every horse in every stage of their training. It does not require great expense or traveling far distances. You will be able to take part in this program at any event that offers western dressage classes, including WDAA affiliate events and United States Equestrian Federation or United States Dressage Federation GMO shows that offer Western Dressage classes, as long as the shows and events have applied for WDAA Show Recognition.

All members have an opportunity for their horse to be recorded as one of the first 100 WDAA Lifetime Recorded horses! Lifetime Recorded numbers 1 – 100 will be auctioned off online beginning October 2. The auction information can be found on the WDAA Horse Performance & Awards details page. You will not want to miss this exciting opportunity to have your horse listed as one of the first 100 to take part in the WDAA Awards Program!

The WDAA awards program is based on the quality of a horse’s performance, demonstrated by the scores the horse achieves throughout its competition lifetime. There is no time frame and no rush to get a certain number of points by a specific time. This follows the mission of the WDAA perfectly: valuing the partnership between horse and rider, building a solid relationship with readiness, balance, rhythm, impulsion, suppleness, collection and lightness; and improving our horse’s balance and natural way of going by following a systematic education that develops the horse’s physical and mental abilities. A result that is measurable in performances, recordable by WDAA and to be recognized, celebrated and awarded with every level of achievement within the WDAA Horse Lifetime Performance & Award Program.

You may ask…

  • How do I sign up and get a lifetime recording number for my horse?
  • How do I submit my scores?
  • What are the award levels?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • Why aren’t there rider awards as well?

Visit our WDAA Points & Awards program Frequently Asked Questions webpage for answers to these questions. www.wdaaworldshow.org/points-awards-frequently-asked-questions/

Or to get started in the program or find out more details, visit our webpage, http://www.wdaaworldshow.org/wdaa-horse-performance-awards-program/ for more information. It’s truly about the journey.

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  • Colette Sossaman
    3 years ago

    Great idea,registering 3 horses.