WDAA Annual Meeting and World Championship Show

Bob-Harb-WDAA-Affiliate=ChairThe weekend of October 31 through November 3, 2013 was a non-stop whirlwind series of the Western Dressage Association of America’s Fourth annual meeting of the board and membership as well as two full days of the Western Dressage Championship Show. The meeting focused on state affiliate development, breed alliance partnerships, leadership training, marketing, the USEF Recognized Affiliate status, 2014 competition rules, an awards program and more. Darrel Bilke of the Pinto Horse Association handily managed all of the details of the WDAA Open World Championship Show that preceded the Color Breed Congress which started November 4, 2013. The city of Tulsa, OK was the site of all of the activity. The fairgrounds were more than adequate as far as performance areas and warm up space.

Well known Colorado reining trainer, Terry Wegener, was a last minute drop in competitor, showing his handsome Reiner in several well done western dressage patterns. He had remarked that he entered on a whim and did a great job for a good ol’ cowboy. Youngsters through oldsters were represented in the entries: this includes both horses and riders. A famous trainer in the Appaloosa world, Jack Hennig of Florida, brought two remarkable mares to compete. A lovely Morgan, Chairman of the Board, charmed the crowd with his performance. The crowd loved the two well-schooled mules and the Shetland cross pony that competed and retired from competition at the show. It was a special treat to see Lynn Palm ride her Rugged Lark offspring to a number of well-deserved wins. Competitors and spectators alike whooped and cheered in western style while the judge, Debbie Riehl Rodriquez, had her photo taken with competitors. The outstanding steward, Francie Newsom, offered a brief freestyle with a “broom-tailed nag.” You might say that a “good time was had by all!”

WDAA World Show Pony & Mules

It was a pleasure to attend the WDAA Annual Meeting. Those folks sure get serious about getting things done efficiently and correctly. New rule suggestions were presented and discussed as well as several sessions with content matter experts. It was announced that WDAA 41 states are either affiliates or are in process of becoming affiliates as well as additional international alliances in addition to Canada and Australia.

WDAA is a moving and shaking group with a large group of Morgan enthusiasts that are founding members and current board members. AMHA appreciates the opportunity to partner with WDAA in this new and exciting discipline. Stay tuned for more growth of this sport!

Submitted by Linnea Sidi AMHA Region 9 Director

One Response to “WDAA Annual Meeting and World Championship Show

  • Paula Walker
    5 years ago

    The show was fantastic and so fun, we met ALOT of new connections for WDAOK, and truly was very beneficial for our cozy affiliate!!!
    We sure did enjoy having everyone to visit with in person in Tulsa. We sure do hope you all come back now ya hear??!!