WDAA Advanced Train the Trainers™ Clinic

An elite group of Western Dressage professionals from 21 states, 2 Canadian provinces and each of the previous 8 TTT clinics (and 2 Judge’s Seminars), came together in Castle Rock, Colorado May 19-20, 2015, for the first ever Advanced Train The Trainers™ clinic, hosted by the Western Dressage Association® of Colorado (WDACO).

cliff-francesFrances Carbonnel, Cliff Swanson, and Neide Cooley have worked tirelessly to develop additional curriculum for this new level of advanced training and delivered this new information during classroom morning sessions with PowerPoint and Video presentations.

All professional participants received plenty of documentation to support the new curriculum.


Joyce Swanson delivered the keynote speech, “The ‘Western’ in Western Dressage”. http://www.westerndressageassociation.org/blogs/joyces-training-map/meet-joyce-swanson/

Instruction and discussions surrounded Western Dressage Rules, Test Levels, Gaits and Maneuvers, Rail Classes and Conformation, using videos and live horse demonstrations. Topics included the Western Dressage Jog, WD Freestyle, the recovering Western Pleasure Horse, and a basic understanding of the Gaited WD horse.

indoor-arena-tttThe afternoon sessions moved to the indoor arena where riders demonstrated Rail Classes and the differences between Suitability and Hack. They all rode varying levels of tests to show the difference in gaits between lower and upper level tests. The professional participants had the opportunity to score the tests, ask questions and compare gaits and conformation between differing breeds, including Registered Paints, an imported PRE stallion, a Heinz 57 gelding, an Arabian, Tennessee Walking Horse and a Rocky Mountain Horse.

Level 1 through Level 3 maneuvers were demonstrated with a variety of breeds and rider ability. The second day also included a demonstration of Gaited Western Dressage Horses.level1-maneuvers

The end of the second day brought the clinic wrap up and Advanced Train the Trainers™ certificates were presented to all participants.

Between sessions you would hear lively, friendly, discussions. Many friendships were renewed and new ones formed. The knowledge, devotion and experience held by this group of Western Dressage professionals are truly the future of this outstanding organization.

3 Responses to “WDAA Advanced Train the Trainers™ Clinic

  • Roxy Baldwin
    3 years ago

    What a great Clinic, I learned so much in two days, Cliff, Joyce and Frances are such a wealth of information. I was able to come home to the east coast and share this knowledge and help get the word out about what Western Dressage is all about.

  • Linda Lamarche
    3 years ago

    I completely enjoyed this clinic! It was nice that the clinicians went into so many different topics. I especially appreciated learning what is expected of the gaited western dressage horse!

  • Gail Hoff
    3 years ago

    As a long time trainer, competitor, instructor, clinician, breeder and S dressage judge in traditional dressage, I have to admit that when western dressage was first introduced it did not hold much interest for me. However, horses are horses and dressage is nothing more than a time proven method of training them. Hence, I thought it over and realized that although methodology might be similar, the end product (the trained cow horse) in western dressage is different from the end product (Grand Prix dressage horse) in traditional dressage. Since I love to learn more about horses, I decided to participate in two WDAA courses and I have to admit that they were so well thought out, informative and just plain fun, I totally changed my mind about western dressage and came to really appreciate it for all it has to offer to the world of horses. My thanks and appreciation are extended to all the staff and organizers for a very professional, educational, fun and inspiring program. I totally enjoyed the TTT seminar, realize some short comings, but hope I can also be if service down the road to further this discipline