Train The Trainers™ Education Program


Train the Trainers™ clinics were established by the Western Dressage Association of America in early 2012.  Intense national and international demand led Frances Carbonnel and Cliff Swanson, to begin the development of a training curriculum which addressed the needs of equine professionals who were interested in training their horses and clients about Western Dressage.

Western Dressage is a synthesis of two worlds; it is the need to understand this synthesis that drives the Train the Trainers™ program. Professionals from a traditional dressage background leave the clinic understanding more about western horses, their movements and gaits and tack.  Western professionals are able to observe classical dressage principles demonstrated on a variety of western horses. The interface between both types of participants is one of most rewarding parts of the program.

All participants leave the clinic with volumes of materials supporting the training methods delivered during the clinic.

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The Train the Trainers™ clinics are held in a facility which can accommodate 35 or more participants in several venues.  Morning sessions consisting of video and PowerPoint presentations, interactive group discussions and slide presentations take place within a classroom setting.  Afternoon sessions occur in an inside arena where local demonstration riders are used to show training techniques; they also ride WDAA tests while the professional participants practice judging skills.

Those people who complete a Train the Trainers™ clinic receive a Certificate of Completion as well as the use of the “Proud Graduate of Train the Trainers™ logo,”  thereby putting them into a small and elite group of equine professionals who have taken the time and expense to become more educated about Western Dressage. The WDAA does not endorse, sponsor or certify any trainer or professional, this is a continuing educational clinic only.

By being a participant in the TTT program, you become a part of the foundation of the educational thrust of Western Dressage.  Look for the next Train the Trainers™ clinic being held.

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