Texas Joins the WDAA State Affiliate Journey


Ereyne Mendiola (Spring) riding “Pink”

My journey to becoming an affiliate wasn’t as difficult as writing about my journey. It all started with a Pink horse; her name is ‘Glitter In The Air’ but we call her Pink. Pink was 10 months old when she joined our family. Since that day the question of what will she do has been asked by everyone that has seen her. My answer was always, “I don’t know, she is still a baby”. I trained and showed my horses and clients horses in western, english, speed events and even rode my palomino ‘Sissy’ for a mounted drill team. Life changes stepped in and I had to put my love of horses down for a while. Having this off time and watching the equine industry from the sidelines gave me a different perspective. I came back knowing what I didn’t want her to do.

In my search I found the Western Dressage Association of America ‘WDAA’. It is the United States Equestrian Federation Recognized National Affiliate Association. That was one of the selling points and what made me commit was the description of the horses emotion appearance; happy. This is what I want for Pink.


Corinne Rollez

I discovered that Texas didn’t have its own affiliate; Texas didn’t have its own affiliate! I was so very confused because Texas is really big and in this huge state not one person had started an affiliate.

I contacted the WDAA about starting an affiliate in Texas and they were happy to help. They sent me the information I needed to start the process. My background with legal documents and research skills is what helped me through the paperwork. My husband Robert has been more than supportive and understanding. He has sacrificed so much to help me with building the Western Dressage Federation of Texas.

I asked Corinne Rollez and Neva Letourneau if they would be on the board. I know how busy these two ladies are and I had a hard time asking them to spare something they didn’t have. They not only said yes to spare their time but believed that Western Dressage is what the equine industry needs so much they each donated money. They are to me, the WDFTX and to horses; an invaluable asset. I am and will forever be grateful for their trust in me and their support.


Neva Letourneau

When I had a conference call with Ellen DiBella, Kathy Newcomb and Deirdre Davenport of the WDAA I was told we were the affiliate for Texas. I called Robert, Corinne and Neva to tell them of the great news. I called and text everyone that I could think of to tell them about the great news. Now I can tell you the great news; the Western Dressage Federation of Texas is the Western Dressage Association of America affiliate for Texas.

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