Sunny Days for California Train The Trainers™ Clinic

CAWDA hosted the WDAA Train The Trainers™ Clinic on March 9-10, 2016 at Murieta Equestrian Center in California. We were very lucky to have the main competition arena at MEC for the lecture and the demonstration rides, and the weather cooperated for the first day-and-a-half by keeping the rain away.

We had western dressage enthusiasts coming from Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, Washington, and of course, California. Clinicians Frances Carbonnel and Cliff Swanson of Colorado, representing WDAA, zoned in on what trainers and judges needed to learn in order to conduct a training session or clinic in western dressage.

They then focused on what to look for from the judge’s perspective. There are differences between classical and western dressage presentations in the competition arena, but the basics will always be the same of proper riding and training.

Demonstration riders Ann Marie Avansino, Annie Bowers, Liz Hendrix, Cathy Levos, and Nannette Tosh-Robb were put through their passes before the 40 participants in the clinic. We had a great variety of horses—and a mule—that gave us a better understanding of looking at the individual for their abilities and accomplishments. We want to thank all of the participants who came to the clinic with their enthusiasm and desire to help promote the evolution of Western Dressage. They are what will make Western Dressage grow and prosper!

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