Success is Achieved not Received

DSC_0364Like many of us horse crazy people, horses have been a main frame in our lives almost forever. I remember riding as a child on horses my grandfather bought for my grandmother which she choose not to ride. I felt pretty successful each day I stayed on and did not come crashing to the ground. God has always been with me. As the years passed I entered community college, got a paying job, married and had children. Of course life could be a bit stressing sometimes but I always found comfort and balance when I was around horses. Although I had been around horses my whole life I realized that I really did not know how to ride properly.

Journey now begins! My family moved to a lovely house on 5 acres in the Hutto area so that I could have a horse in my life again. Of course, as it turned out all three of us got horses so we could ride together as a family. It was at this juncture that I realized there was certainly a difference between a BROKE horse and BROKE/TRAINED horse. I also realized that there is an easy way and a hard way to get what you want your horse to do.

DSC_0837Finding a good horse trainer was out of my budget so I had to begin reading journal articles, practicing, going to clinics held by more advanced horse persons than myself. Volunteering as Ring Steward as AQHA sanctioned shows. AQHA and APHA also sponsored classes designed for folks either wanting to become certified judges or just wanting to learn what the judges are looking for in the show pen.

In 1985 we sold our lovely home and purchases 120 acres of undeveloped land on which we built a premier equine facility on which I could share the information I had learned from the more knowledgeable practitioners. Each year I learned more and shared more. In 2009 I was awarded the honor of being accepted by the American Quarter Horse Association as a Professional Horseman. Technically I have been learning and teaching for at least 25 years.

My specialty has been sharing the value of Dressage for the Western Horse.

This year I have had the honor of being nominated to compete for the coveted American Quarter Horse Associations Professional Horseman of the year award. For more information about why I was nominated you may go to my website If you feel I deserve this honor I would ask for your vote.

Submitted by Judith Gibney on 11/21/2014

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