Show Recognition Information

The Western Dressage Association® of America has developed a show recognition process to allow participation in the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points & Award Program. Only approved competitions that are recognized by WDAA will be eligible for horses enrolled in the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points & Awards Program to earn points.

  1. A unique show identification number will be assigned by WDAA for all approved recognized shows and will be provided exclusive WDAA branded logos for advertising and promotion. (special logo files will be delivered electronically).
  2. All WDAA Recognized Shows are highlighted on the WDAA Events Calendar with a link for show details. You can find the list of all WDAA recognized shows HERE. 
  3. To apply for WDAA Recognized Show status, we recommend submitting at least 30 days prior to the show start date to allow time for promotion of the recognition status. Provide show bill or prize/class list and judge’s credentials.
  4. A $35 recognized show fee must be submitted with the application.
  5. Separate applications, companion documentation, and fees must be submitted for each individual show/event. The WDAA retains the right of final approval of recognition for all events.
  6. The online submission form is provided below on this page, and provides for payment by PayPal or by check.

Criteria for Show Recognition to be approved by WDAA:

  1. The show must adhere to USEF WD rules for all tests and rail classes
  2. The show must use current WDAA tests (available on the WDAA website)
  3. All WD tests and rail classes must be judged by USEF-licensed judges (including at USEF local and USEF Competition Lite shows) as defined in the USEF Rulebook(s) (i.e. USEF ‘r’, ‘R’, or ‘S’ Dressage licensed judges or USEF-licensed Western Dressage judges) Find USEF-licensed Western Dressage Judges here…
  4. All judges must be a member in good standing of WDAA
    1. USEF “r” Western Dressage judges are approved to judge Western Dressage Intro, Basic, and Level 1 tests and Western Dressage Suitability, Hack, and Equitation classes.
    2. USEF “R” Western Dressage judges are approved to judge all levels of Western Dressage tests and Western Dressage Suitability, Hack, and Equitation classes.
    3. USEF “r”, “R”, and “S” Dressage judges are approved to judge all levels of Western Dressage tests, but they are not eligible to judge Western Dressage Suitability, Hack, or Equitation classes.
  5. Any changes in judging assignment (before or during the show) must be sent to WDAA staff as soon as the change is known by the show manager.
  6. Canadian shows can be recognized by WDAA if judged by EC judges with the following credentials:

Canadian EC Dressage Credentials   USEF Dressage Credentials

Basic                                              Small r dressage

Medium                                        Large R dressage

Senior                                            S dressage

USEF/WDAA Competition Comparison Chart pdf

Additional information regarding recognized shows

Double Points from USEF-licensed Shows Introduced for WDAA Horse Lifetime Points & Awards Program

  1. Double points may be earned for the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points and Awards Program if a WDAA Recognized Show is USEF licensed, (including USEF local and USEF Competition Lite shows), only if the judge officiating is a current USEF-licensed Western Dressage judge. Tests and rail classes judged by a USEF-licensed Dressage judge will not earn double points.
  2. If a WDAA Recognized Show is USEF-licensed and is double-judged by 2 USEF-licensed Western Dressage judges, only one score from one judge per ride can be submitted. You may pick the higher score of the two judges for each ride to submit, as long as the higher score was from a USEF-licensed Western Dressage judge.
  3. Submissions from these tests and rail classes described above will be doubled within the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points and Awards Program software
  4. In no circumstances may a horse earn more than double points for a single ride, except at the WDAA Western Dressage World Championship Show, where a single ride earns triple points.
  5. Scores earned at non-USEF–licensed WDAA Recognized Shows are not eligible for double points in the WDAA Lifetime Points and Awards Program.

Here is a chart that describes the overall basics of the point system for submission of points to the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points & Awards Program

Points factor

Non-USEF Show USEF-licensed Show WDAA World Championship
  USEF Dressage Judge USEF Western Dressage Judge USEF Dressage Judge USEF Western Dressage Judge USEF Western Dressage







Show Recognition responsibilities after receiving approval:

  1. All WDAA Recognized Shows will be governed by the USEF WD Rule Book.
  2. All participants in western dressage classes at WDAA Recognized Shows will be eligible to take part and submit placings in the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points & Awards Program.
  3. All WDAA Recognized Show results MUST be submitted to the WDAA within fourteen (14) days of the closing of event.
  4. WDAA Recognized Shows are granted limited permission to access WDAA tests and may use the specially branded WDAA Recognized Show Logo for promotion and advertising (provided electronically upon approval of application).

Listing of current WDAA recognized shows is shown in WDAA calendar listings.

Online Application for Show Recognition

  • One type per line - (i.e. USEF Recognized, Breed Association, Schooling Show, etc. – Please list all that apply.)
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Please upload copy of show bill or Class/Prize list for verification of classes offered.
  • If more than one, please separate their names with a "," (comma),
  • Enter each judge's membership number separated by a "," (comma).
    WDAA Membership is required. If they are not a member, please complete a new membership form for them and pay with Paypal for their membership. If they are a member, but you do not know their member number, enter "UNK" and we will complete the information when the form is submitted.
  • Important Designated Person or Steward Information:

    Show management must appoint a knowledgeable person to serve as the “designated person” to check and inspect tack in each class. This person will be responsible for overseeing the checking of tack, bits, etc. outside of the ring immediately following the completion of the test. A horse must be eliminated from the test just completed if the tack is in violation of the USEF Western Dressage Rules.

    By checking this box, you agree the information contained in this submission is accurate, and you have read and agree to abide by the USEF Western Dressage Rules and the WDAA Horse & Show Recognition Program.
  • By typing your Full Name (person filling out this form) in the box, you are digitally signing this agreement.
  • Price: $35.00

  • If you selected "PayPal/Credit Card", upon clicking SUBMIT, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal to complete the payment portion of this transaction.

    If you selected "Check or Money Order", upon clicking SUBMIT, you will be provided with payment and mailing details.

    You will also receive a confirmation email and if you have any questions or comments, please reply through the confirmation email.

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