Proposed Rule Change Submission Form


  • June 14th: Submission by Members & Affiliates
  • July 1st: Submission by Alliance partners
  • August 1st: BOD Review:
    • Include financial impact
    • Effect on horses
    • Effect on competitions
    • Effect on exhibitors with emphasis on fairness and safety.
  • September 1st: Publish Proposals on website for Member comments.
  • November: Adopt proposed rules Annual Meeting.

IMPORTANT: Rules can be edited for clarification throughout the year as long as it does not change the meaning of the rule.

Rule Change Proposal

To submit a proposed rule change, complete this form and return to WDAA. Deadline for WDAA receipt of proposal is June 30. (USEF deadlines must also be met, using the USEF form.)
  • Proposals received from an affiliate, alliance partner, committee or task force is to be accompanied by that portion of the entity’s minutes reflecting approval of the proposal.
  • Briefly describe the reason you feel this proposed rule change is necessary and what the rule change would accomplish, if approved by WDAA and/or USEF. The standard effective date of new or revised USEF rules is December 1 following the USEF Annual Meeting.
  • (example WD-5 Appointments)
  • (example WD118.2)
  • (example General)
  • Please use the following format:

    New Wording - Use BOLD & ITALIC (change font color optional)
    Deleted Wording - Use StrikeThrough Wording

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.