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WDAA Professional Directory List (alphabetical order by State)

Business Name Texas – Painted Feather Ranch
Name Ereyne 'Spring' Mendiola
Address 35430 Pineridge Rd
Waller, Texas 77484
United States
Map It
Business Phone (281) 798-7055
Mobile Phone (281) 798-7055
Website facebook.com
Services & Credentials

Name: Ereyne 'Spring' Mendiola
Address: 35430 Pineridge Rd – Waller Texas 77484
Email Address: southernspring@yahoo.com
Business Phone: (281) 798-7055
Mobile Phone: (281) 798-7055

Website: https://www.facebook.com/paintedfeatherranch/

Professional Service: TTT Graduate, Clinician, Instructor

Short Biography

I help build a working partnership between horse and rider. From the first ride to needing help advancing.
This is a custom program designed for each horse and rider. It is deigned to help owners ride and train their own horses.

Description of Services:

I formed the WDAA Texas affiliate, Hosted the TTT Clinic in Texas and I am a TTT Graduate.

As a kid I had a specialty. Breeders hired me to train and show brood mares that they wanted to sale.
I retained horses that parents wanted kid friendly. All by the age of 17 years.