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WDAA Professional Directory List (alphabetical order by State)

Business Name California – Horse Wizer Training, Inc.
Name Joelene Dunlop
Address 10730 Artesia Blvd.
Cerritos, California 90703
United States
Map It
Mobile Phone (714)329-8661
Website HorseWizer.com
Services & Credentials

Flynn-Business-CardName: Joelene Dunlop
Address: 10730 Artesia Blvd. – Cerritos California 90703
Email Address: HorseWizer@outlook.com
Business Phone:
Mobile Phone: (714)329-8661

Website: http://HorseWizer.com

Professional Service: TTT Graduate, Clinician, Instructor, Trainer

Short Biography

Western Dressage, Desensitizing, Versatility Training

Description of Services:

I believe the horse’s mental and physical wellbeing should never be altered to meet ‘our’ needs.

I train each horse as an individual according to their, conformation and natural gaits.

The core of training uses natural horsemanship techniques, incorporating desensitizing training to create a truly “Confident, Obedient Partner.”

With my Classical Dressage training of each horse and my detail to the precise use of aids at the barn you and your horse can cross over from the Western Dressage show ring, to the trail, obstacle courses, and all-around pleasure riding.

As a coach I pride myself as patient, encouraging, positive personality which creates a confident rider who will become a more accomplished rider with higher communications skills and clarity of aids.

Whether your goal is Western Dressage or trail riding, with my many years of experience working with horses of many breeds, multiple disciplines, youngsters, and successes in retraining the ‘problem horse’, I have the proven ability to bring out the best the horse and rider can be.

My success in the Western Dressage show ring is the showcase of my successful and diverse training abilities.