President’s Address from Guy E. Brown

IMG_20141030_150350On behalf of the WDAA Executive Board I welcome you to the beginning of our fifth year as a new discipline and a new corporation. Last year we met here and celebrated Western Dressage, our friendship and our dedication to the mission and vision of this association.  In particular we celebrated this association’s recognition by the United States Equestrian Federation.  It was a remarkable time in our Journey.

This recognition came with additional opportunities and responsibilities; I must thank the board, the staff and our volunteers for many hours of work taking advantage of these opportunities and meeting these varied responsibilities.

The path along our journey has not always been an easy one; various personal sacrifices were made by them and it has meant that many have traveled much more than they would have liked to travel for face to face meetings and to represent WDAA to other organizations. For example:


As I read this, it strikes me that this has been a year of introspection and lots of “homework” for WDAA.   Four new directors brought extraordinary skills and the benefit of their diverse backgrounds to our association.  The Internal Control Audit gave us an independent professional critique of our processes and continues to serve as the basis for the board to reassess current programs and to formulate new programs to meet our mission and our vision.  While it would be more fun to spend time enjoying the Journey, the board has a responsibility to question itself and to be certain that it upholds the highest standards of a not-for-profit corporation.

We have two days here to work together mapping out our Journey for this next year.  It is a time for the board to ask you questions and for you to ask questions of the board; most of all it is a time for us to find answers (solutions) to questions.  We are all volunteers and give of our time and our talent because we believe that Western Dressage offers riders and horses something unique and worthwhile.  This belief is what brings us here, the positive spirit of our mission and vision is what will guide our conversations.  On behalf of the entire board and staff of the Western Dressage Association® of America, I thank you for your generous support and enthusiasm and I welcome you to this Fifth Annual Meeting.  Together we will Honor our horses, value the partnerships that we have with them and celebrate the tradition of the American West.


 . . . Let’s Ride ! ! !  

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