Our Western Dressage Journey

Carol-ForestellWell, it’s been about a year and a half since I first contacted you about my riding. I was introduced to Western Dressage in the latter half of 2012. So far, it’s been quite a ride!

I started my journey riding a mare named Flicker, we became the best of friends and had lots of FUN! Now, Flicker has a new rider, a young and talented 10 year old, who Flicker absolutely loves. I am riding a 17 year old gelding who goes by the mane of Tater Tot. When I was riding Flicker, I thought I was in love, but… now that Tater Tot has come into my life, we are pretty much inseparable.

I have a deep love for Tater that you wouldn’t understand unless you are a horse person. When I think how close we are, I get teary-eyed, that’s how much he means to me. Although I am not his owner. Tater was “given” to my Trainer, who now owns him. But I’m telling you, since we began riding together, we have taught each other a lot. He is so willing and tries so hard to please me, words cannot describe the emotion in our rides. Just this past Saturday, June 7 we rode in a show here in Eastern North Carolina. The weather was not ideal, hot & humid. After seeing other rides, I wasn’t so sure how we would do. But when our turn came, so did a beautiful breeze! Maybe a divine intervention, who knows. We rode as one, a great partnership. Tater and I, came home with several ribbons including a first, a second and Reserve Champion. It was a very humbling day.

Submitted by Carol on 06/09/2014

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