News from WDAA New York State Affiliate

New York is moving toward becoming WDA of NY!

Two board meetings have been held since 6/26 . The board members include Bryan Hickman (President),  Ed Rivera and Frank Lumia (Vice Presidents), Susan Cole (Secretary) and Sandra Whittaker (Treasurer). With the combined talent and expertise of the board members and the knowledge of Western Dressage and horsemanship possessed by Jeff Wilson of Black Willow Morgans and Jeff Wilson Western Dressage, the organization of the WDA of NY is in good hands. Articles of Incorporation have been filed, By-Laws accepted and the Affiliate Application has been mailed.  Website development and links to Facebook are in the works.

As we begin the week of 7/29, we look forward to a visit from Karen Meyers, co-founder of  WDA of Minnesota. She will be participating in one of a series of five Western Dressage clinics instructed by Jeff Wilson.   A core group of participants in the clinics have had the opportunity, in Clinics I-IV, to learn how to apply the principles of Western Dressage to the everyday practical… trail riding.  The group also has had the opportunity to experience and practice the Primary Level 1 test.  We look forward also to learning from Karen’s affiliate experience, as we endeavor  to make WDA of NY a success and available to all New York Western Dressage enthusiasts and prospective members.

Stay tuned for more news as the NYS Affiliate moves from “pending” to official status!

Barbara Torrey
Membership Coordinator


5 Responses to “News from WDAA New York State Affiliate

  • Bruce Stebbins
    4 years ago

    Curious if the WDA affiliate in NY ever got off the ground. The Facebook link does not seem to lead anywhere and the most rent posting I find is from the fall of 2012.

  • michele
    5 years ago

    I am interested in NY activities, especially in the western NY area

  • I would be interested in receiving updates on the NY activities

    • DMD-Admin
      6 years ago

      As of right now, NY does not have any facebook page or website for people to reference. They are still in the process of organizing. My suggestion is to keep posted here and as soon as they become official or have a resource available, we will post it.