Meet Joyce Hamblin – USEF Staff Liaison for Western Dressage

USEF-logoWDAA is the Recognized Affiliate for Western Dressage; this special status requires WDAA to operate at the highest level of accountability to its members and to our discipline of Western Dressage.  We work hard each day to fulfill this responsibility.  As a Recognized National Affiliate for USEF, we have access to some very special support and resources.  One of these resources is a wonderful individual, Joyce Hamblin, who is our staff liaison with USEF.

Being staff liaison means that Joyce Hamblin is the very special and knowledgeable lady who can answer all of our questions or can find the person with the answers.  When you send a question about equipment to, it will often go to Joyce who will have the answer that we all need.   Joyce also answers questions about judges, stewards, show requirements and more.

Joyce is part of the USEF department that supports national breeds and disciplines; this particular department has an important job building communication and support between USEF, discipline associations, technical committees and competitors.

Joyce works with the USEF Western Dressage Technical Committee; this committee represents a broad spectrum of Western Dressage stakeholders who provide continuing input and advice to USEF about rules, competition standards, Licensed Officials and more.  Joyce is tasked with taking a wide variety of comments and concerns and creating specific rule change proposals when they are needed.  The USEF Technical Committee reviews all USEF rule change proposals and Joyce ensures that the thoughts of this committee representing your interests is heard by the board of USEF on every issue.

Joyce Hamblin brings a unique background to her challenging job at USEF.  Her professional training is as a microbiologist.  Joyce is an accomplished horsewoman who has focused on Saddlebred horses.   As a C.2 USEF Steward, Joyce is often “in the field” dealing with real world issues at horse shows for a variety of breeds and disciplines.  You may have met Joyce personally in 2015 at our Annual Meeting or at our World Championship Horse show where she served on one of our stewards.

Joyce Hamblin brings a unique background to serve Western Dressage:  she is scientist; she is a horsewoman; she is a steward.  Best of all:  Joyce has our backs!   Thanks to Joyce from each and every one of us!

One Response to “Meet Joyce Hamblin – USEF Staff Liaison for Western Dressage

    1 year ago

    Joyce, My name is Danni Toscano. I think we may have met in Oklahoma when I went to the Western Dressage judging clinic. I am a “r” dressage judge currently in the accelerated Western Dressage judging program. I need to officiate one more dressage show. I am judging the Arab Nationals in VA for 2 days and need one more show before October. There was an opportunity for me to apprentice one of the days at the Arab nationals on the days that I am not judging. But USEF would not allow that. They said I need to either judge 3 shows or Apprentice and cannot combine them. My other option is to see if there is a chance to judge for free at the Worlds this fall in Oklohoma. Who would I contact about that? Unless I can find another show somewhere else before that. Money is tight so I was trying to avoid too much travel. I really love judging Western Dressage and have for years. I really do not want to give up, but if I cannot find one more show I am not sure what else to do. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Danni