Make the Time for this program

Written by Jami Sacks who attended the WDANC – February 2014

I said the week before the clinic after one of the worst snow storms in SC in years followed by huge thunderstorms and power outages “If I hadn’t already paid for this clinic I don’t think I would be going” and no truer words had been spoken. With the start of a new year and business way down how could I leave and go to NC for even a couple days? While driving the 4 hour trip to get there I kept thinking about all the things I could be doing other than going to a clinic for western dressage!

Upon arrival the friendly faces and warm greetings were great as I skeptically approached the room. Right from the get go Francis and Cliff had my attention. The material was well thought out, the presentations were great and the people were more than I had hoped for. Friendly, ready to help, and excited to learn more about this new discipline of western dressage. The room was full, and the experiences varied from some prominent trainers in both Western and English backgrounds to those who just wanted to learn more about dressage, and what it meant to the western horse person. But above all, everyone was in accord when it came to the best interest of the horse. I don’t know what background you come from, or what your discipline is but I encourage you to spend the money and invest as you will learn more about what the two worlds coming together is all about.

If I had to do it over again, knowing what I know now there wouldn’t be a doubt or skeptical moment in my mind. It was definitely worth the time and money and I can’t wait for the advanced clinic to get here, I’m saving my money now:-)

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