Lynn Palm Joins as Featured Online Clinician


Online horse show, clinic, and coaching website proudly announces the addition of superstar Quarter Horse rider, trainer, and judge Lynn Palm as a Featured Online Clinician.

Lynn Palm & Horseshow.comA pioneer among women in the equine industry, Lynn Palm Pittion-Rossillon has long had a passion for teaching.  Palm became a household name through her incredible partnership and bridle-less exhibitions with the legendary Quarter Horse stallion Rugged Lark, including at the 1989 World Cup and 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.  An all-around lifetime horsewoman, Lynn’s accomplishments include 34 Reserve and World Championships; 4 “Superhorse” Championships; served as a judge for the AQHA World Championship Show in 1990, 2000, 2006 and 2011; named the 2000 AQHA Female Equestrian of the Year by the Women’s Sports Foundation; 2003 Equine Affaire Exceptional Equestrian Educator Award winner; 2006 AQHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year; and clinician and entertainer during the 2010 Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

As impressive as her performance record is, Palm’s primary goal is to educate others on forming correct riding skills and building knowledge.  With this mission in mind, Lynn and her husband, Cyril Pittion-Rossillon have created Palm Partnership Training, conducting clinics at Fox Grove Farm in Ocala, FL and at Royal Palm Ranch in Bessemer, MI in addition to conducting Ride Well clinics across the country.  “I love teaching and helping to build a rider’s confidence,” said Palm.  “I believe that confidence is the most important aspect of success in riding.”

Now with, equestrians have an unprecedented opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction from Palm, even if they can’t travel to a live clinic or lesson.  Through’s “Ride Well with Lynn Palm” online clinic, Palm invites riders interested in western dressage and/or Intro through Fourth Level dressage (especially as it relates to Quarter Horses and other stock-type breeds) to submit videos for private review and critique.  “Western dressage is the fastest-growing discipline in the country,” noted Palm.  “I understand the stock-type breeds’ conformation and temperament and how they look and use themselves differently from warmbloods when doing dressage work.  I encourage and appreciate a horse working correctly, no matter what breed it is.”

Riders can simply use a video camera or’s handy iPhone app to make a short 5-10 minute video of a practice dressage test, training exercise, or a recent show performance, then upload the video.  Palm will review each video and then talk through the performance using the unique voiceover technology, which allows coaches to provide training tips and insights about what they see on the video.  Once their evaluation is complete, riders are able to play back the video over and over to hear Palm’s thoughts in “real time” with the ride, gathering invaluable feedback about how they further their training progress.

Palm also plans to utilize’s coaching platform to supplement the education of riders attending live events, such as her upcoming Western Dressage Clinic and Show to be held in Ocala on November 15 – 17.  After riders’ lessons or tests, Palm will provide notes for continued training at home and encourage them to submit follow-up videos to, allowing her to follow their progress and offer additional instruction long after the live clinic is over.  “ offers a great way for me to stay in touch with students between lessons and clinics, as well as reach out to riders I might not otherwise have the opportunity to work with,” Palm said.  “I am very excited about the possibilities!”

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  • donna hudson
    4 years ago

    would love to get some on line coaching with lyn palm , but none of the links are working yp go to horse show ,com at all , dose anyone know whats happening ?

    • DMD-Admin
      4 years ago has changed it’s business model and is no longer offering online education to the public. If you wish to get more information on tips and training from Lynn Palm, you should visit her website at