A Letter From Your WDAA President

Western Dressage AssociationThe red, orange, and yellow leaves are falling fast. Time to get out the rake. The barn is full of hay, which is critical when you have hungry horses. I am recovered from our World Championship Show, and the board is already working hard on our 2018 show!

USEF show dates revolve based on dates of holidays. For many years, shows have been scheduled around holiday dates to make it more convenient for competitors and for show venues. Almost all large venues suitable for horse shows book contracts with shows for several years; our contract with the Lazy E is for three years. The initial dates of our 2018 show were October 4-7. These dates would have created a conflict with the Morgan Grand National, which is literally “just down the road” in Oklahoma City. The USEF “holiday-based calendar” means the Morgan Grand National show, which revolves around Columbus day, always starts the weekend before Columbus Day, which moves their dates each year.

Everyone, including the Morgan Grand National, the Lazy E, and the Executive Board of WDAA, has worried about conflicts in 2018. The Morgan Grand National announced its willingness to “switch weekends” moving their Western Dressage division to the last weekend of the show rather than the first weekend. WDAA also has to deal with show officials issues because our excellent stewards from our 2017 World Championship Show, Joyce Hamblin and Cindy Reid, would not be available to steward our 2018 show because of date conflicts.

The Lazy E and its wonderful management approached the non-equine event scheduled for the weekend preceding our show, the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo organized by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, to see whether they would consider a change in dates to accommodate our Western Dressage World Championship Show in 2018. The Expo was happy to move its dates to help everyone! A thousand thanks to the Lazy E and to the Expo and its organizers for their willingness to be advocates for our show!

The bottom line and the headline is: DATES FOR OUR 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW WILL BE SEPTEMBER 27-30!!!! Mark the dates on your calendar! See you at the Lazy E in 2018!

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