It’s What She Was Born To Do!

Cheyenne-Bethany-2014On behalf of me, but even more on behalf of my horse, I thank you for developing Western Dressage as a genuine, respected discipline. My little Paint, now 17, was rescued from a kill pen 6 years ago by kind people who saw a horse with potential. She had been overused as a broodmare, to the point she had one beside her and one inside, poor nutrition (pasture), and she finally foundered. Her only training had been as a nose-to-tail trail pony, and we suspect she’d been abused by cruel spurring (she can be very stubborn).

I heard about Western Dressage and decided to try some of the exercises with Cheyenne to improve her balance (especially on her bad leg, which is much better after good food and corrective shoes) and the strength of her hindquarters (she used to pick up the canter by diving her front end down and flailing her front legs). My horse fell in love with Western Dressage from the first ride down the centerline!

It was what she was born to do!

I’m a novice rider, 56 years old, and Cheyenne is my first horse. While the barn where we board and take lessons has had dressage riders before, and has its share of Western riders, I’m the first to introduce Western Dressage. To make a long story short, Cheyenne and I are heading up to Maine Morgan with the barn for the 4th of July weekend. We’ll be riding Introductory and Basic tests plus musical freestyle (we did a bit of Intro last season, and scored respectably), and so long as my stubborn horse doesn’t throw a hissyfit in the arena, one little Paint is going to rock the Morgan world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for Western Dressage!


Submitted by Cathy Andronik


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