It’s Just the Beginning for Me and Western Dressage

First time doing Western Dressage with WDAA Tests.I learned to ride with good equitation but no confidence in my riding. It got to the point where as much as I loved horses and riding, I was terrified of getting on a horse. In 2012 I began to train at a new barn. I had an amazing instructor who instilled the confidence I needed within a couple of months. Around the same time we got a new horse, Buck Naked CCR aka Lady. Lady is half-Arabian mare who was a Nation Top Ten Western Pleasure horse as a three year old. I took on my new project with enthusiasm. However, when we went to a fun show together to test the water’s of showing I was taken aback. Lady was jigging, short-strided, very tight in her poll and back, and overall very out of sorts.

After the show my instructor suggested we try Western Dressage. I had heard bits and pieces about the up and coming discipline yet knew nothing about it. Amazingly enough, Eastern Michigan Arabian Association offered Western Dressage classes. I began to prepare immediately as I only had 5 weeks until our first show. I spent the last 3 weeks working only achieving a nice relaxed walk and our halts.

At the EMAA show there was a small turn out with only 10 Western Dressage tests total with many being the same teams. I entered the ring with no expectations. This was a trial show to see if Western Dressage was right for us. I could not have been more proud of Lady! We left with a blue ribbon for our score of 72.5% on the Intro 2 test. Lady thoroughly enjoys being in the dressage ring. I am very much looking forward to the next three EMAA shows!

Submitted by Andrea Luttman | June 2013


3 Responses to “It’s Just the Beginning for Me and Western Dressage

  • James Ellinger
    3 years ago

    This article really struck home. I know someone exactly in that position. We are also new to Western Dressage and the show ring in general. Hopefully this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • Wellllll, welcome to the horse world Andrea!! I can’t believe any of us ever think we can make plans with our horses at all cuz we aren’t the ones running the show and determining what ends up happening in our “show” careers…the horses hold that power in the end, don’t they??!! Happens to me every year. You’d think I would have learned by now, but guess not. I still find myself tentatively mapping out the way I think I want the next year to go and what I want to go to. And I get derailed everytime by the trusty steed!! In the end, it all depends on them!! But we have fun anyway!! Just have to be flexible!

  • You sound just like me….except im at the first 2 sentences. Hopefully I’m just 1 year behind you.

    Thanks for the encouraging story….