Interview with Cliff Swanson on HorseWorld Today…

Cliff Swanson Western Dressage AssociationInterested in Western Dressage?

Listen to Cliff Swanson on HorseWorld Today… Click on the link below.

On HorseWorld Today we welcome Cliff Swanson of Swan’s Training Stable. Cliff is a founding member and also serves on the advisory board as well as a dedicated supported of the Western Dressage Association® of America. He has outlined and piloted a series of skill Set Clinics for Western Dressage. Cliff is one of the founding trainers for the Train the Trainers program where he shares his expertise with trainers throughout the United States. His experiences, step by step training methods, and firm belief in the benefits of a foundation in classical dressage for any discipline, have made him a highly requested Western Dressage clinician throughout the United States.


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