How to Get Active in Your Area with Western Dressage

Western Dressage Show 078We have had many requests for information on local shows offering Western Dressage, the following is a lesson put together by WDAA Board of Directors member Tori Blankenship on how to boost local involvement, local involvement is where we will build our strong foundation.

You will be surprised how many local events are already offering Western Dressage classes on their show bills. You can do an good old fashioned web search for, Western Dressage Show <enter your state or county here> to see what is already available to you in your area.

Then, go to the Western Dressage Association Of America’s website and search the state affiliate list for your state. Contact them to see about Western Dressage events near you.

If your state is not a WDAA affiliate yet, contact them to see how you can help to organize a WDAA affiliate in your state.

Next, search for state affiliates of the United States Dressage Federation – USDF. The USDF is an affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation. USDF affiliates are called Group Member Organizations – GMO.

Find the ones that are closest to you, click on the information that will direct you to their website and see if they are offering Western Dressage on their show class line up. If not, send them an e-mail introducing yourself. Share with them the news that the discipline of Western Dressage and Gaited Western Dressage is growing by leaps and bounds. Also inform them that the Western Dressage Association of America is a United States Equestrian Federation affiliate – this fact will get your foot in the door! Share the link below (this one from a Group Member Organization actively including WD) and share the news that GMO’s in other regions have added Western Dressage and Gaited Western Dressage successfully to their schooling show line up:

Finally, ask them to consider adding a Western Dressage and Gaited Western Dressage class to their schooling show line up. Provide for them the website link to the Western Dressage Association of America‘s website:

Also provide the printable document or webpage for the “Western Dressage Judges Guideline – What To Expect” which can be found here…



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