How to educate a “Designated Person” for a Non- USEF licensed show

by Tori Blankenship

For WDAA recognized shows that are not USEF licensed, the designated knowledgeable person is usually a chapter or club volunteer (not a qualified TD that is required for actual USEF licensed shows), that is familiar with WDAA rules. The designated person is responsible for checking a minimum of 1/3rd of the entries.

For a non-USEF-licensed show, management must appoint a knowledgeable person to serve as the “designated person” to check and inspect tack in each class. This person will be responsible for overseeing the checking of tack, bits, etc. outside of the ring immediately following the completion of the test.

For a USEF-licensed show, the “designated person” must be a USEF C2 steward OR must be under the supervision of a USEF C2 steward.

What my local group has provided for our volunteer designated person(s), is a handy book that was created by a member that has the printed Western Dressage Equipment guide protected in sleeve savers. Along with single use hand sanitizer wipes, rubber gloves, small tape measure and magnets, this is all the designated volunteer will need. This DQP book cost less than $10 to create for their recognized show use. I’ve attached photos of that book for you to reference too.

The printable equipment guide and a great video reference for the designated volunteers to prepare before an event can be found here, on the WDAA website;

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