Invites you to Share in One Horse’s Journey of Recovery Invites Horse Lovers & Rescue Groups to Share in One Horse’s Journey of Recovery

In the summer of 2012, a thin paint gelding stepped off a trailer after a long ride to Kentucky and into a new life.  “Chief” was one of thousands of horses which find themselves in conditions of abuse or neglect every year, but he was fortunate when he was rescued and given a second chance to live the rest of his days in a happy and healthy home.

Now, the online equestrian competition, clinic, and coaching website invites readers to share in Chief’s year-long journey of rehabilitation, through all the trials, tribulations and triumphs that are often experienced when rescuing an animal.  “When was made aware of Chief’s plight, we were delighted to be in a position to help by sponsoring him and bring him back to health,” said Gil Merrick, Chief Operating Officer of  “We’d like to thank our team of veterinarians, farriers, and caregivers who were all integral in his recovery.”

Merrick explained that also realized the value in chronicling the reality of Chief’s rehabilitation, through good and bad times.  “It’s been such an amazing journey that we wanted to tell his story in order to hopefully inspire others to take a chance and save the life of a horse in need.  Additionally, we hope that the series will have an educational purpose, and we would like to invite equine rescue groups to share Chief’s story with their members and fans.”

Accepting the responsibilities and challenges of a rescue horse can be daunting, but also infinitely rewarding.  Follow Chief’s journey into a whole new world on the website,

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