Grow Your Western Dressage Community

A. Introduce the Discipline – Put on a Clinic.

  1. Train The Trainers™ WDACO November 2012

    Find a professional clinician who is receptive to the principles of Western Dressage.

  2. Promote and advertise the clinic through local breed organizations, local all breed shows, dressage organizations and dressage focused stables by acquiring email lists, posting flyers in barns, and on local horse group website calendars.
    • Coordinate the clinic as an event prior to a show.
    • Make the clinic a 2 or 3 day event with group and private sessions.
  3. Prepare liability documents, secure event insurance, collect participant data for follow up events.
  4. Use the Western Dressage curriculum developed by the Western Dressage Association® of America.

B. Post Clinic – What’s Next?

Western Dressage Clinic - working 10 meter circles

  1. Establish a mailing list of all participants – riders and auditors.
  2. Set up follow up clinic sessions with local instructors. Review the How to organize a Western Dressage clinic.
  3. Continue to utilize the WDAA proscribed curriculum as the group progresses in skills: softness, lateral movement and strengthening of back and haunches.
  4. Work on Introductory and First Level tests.

C. First Tests – How to Organize a Western Dressage Class in a Local Show

  1. Check the WDAA website for listings of any shows which will have Western Dressage classes.
  2. Work with smaller, local shows to add a Western Dressage class to their prize list.  If the show already has traditional dressage classes, the same judge should be able to judge the Western Dressage classes.