Fjords at the 2014 WDAA World Show

IMG_3759-editMy experience at the World Show was memorable to say the least! We traveled approximately 1100 miles from Pennsylvania, through Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri, to Oklahoma. We spent 20 hours driving and made overnight stops in Ashville, Ohio (Hold Your Horses Stables) and Eureka, Missouri (Circle R Horse Lodge).

Gunnar VI is a 5 year old Norwegian Fjord gelding (Plain Dealing’s Tomten x Magjestic Presence) bred, raised and trained at Let’s Dance Dressage (owned by Gina DeSantis) in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. He was one of two Fjords at this show. The other Fjord was shown by a young rider in the Intro and Basic levels. Both fjords did a fantastic job of representing the breed!


IMG_3765-editSaturday, November 1st we competed in Basic Test 1 – Open. Gunnar warmed up wonderfully and trotted into the Pavilion Arena like he owned it! He was energetic, attentive and responsive. We have been working through some issues with the left lead lope and although we had gotten it correctly in the warm-up we missed this lead in our test. Fortunately, he came right back to the trot and we continued the test without any lingering issues. The highlights were our free walk – we got an 8.5 (“good stretch and overstep”), and our final trot down centerline, halt and salute – we got a 9 (“very steady, good straightness, square halt”)!!! What a blast – I had a great ride and couldn’t have been prouder of Gunnar’s effort! We received a 64.677 % which ended up earning us 6th place out of 29 riders.

Sunday, November 2nd we competed in Basic Test 2 – Open. Our ride wasn’t until 5:00 pm and Gunnar was lacking some energy at that point. Other than missing our left lead lope again there were no mistakes in our test, but he was heavier in my hands and slightly less responsive than Saturday. Again I left the arena with a big smile and very proud of my horse! We earned a 67.639% on this test which tied us for 12th place out of 30 riders. The winner of the class had a 79%!!!!!

We had a great time and it was a pleasure sharing this amazing breed with the world! Hopefully in 2015 there will be more Fjords competing at this event!

Gina DeSantis, Let’s Dance Dressage

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